Grandmaster Yip Man spent his whole life as champion of the cause of Wing Chun Kung Fu. He was responsible for advancing Wing Chun Kung Fu to its' eminence today. Wing Chun is now the most influential martial art to emerge from 20th century China.

He was born in Foshan (China) in 1893 to a wealthy merchant family and lived to the age of 79, passing away at his home in Hong Kong in December 1972.

During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Wing Chun, like other martial arts, was banned in China and survived only through the persistence of practitioners like Yip Man. He later stirred media interest as the teacher of martial arts movie star Bruce Lee, who later took the art to Hong Kong.


Chan Wah Shun was Yip Man's first teacher. Unfortunately Chan Wah Shun died at a young age . At the age of fifteen he travelled to Hong Kong to study at St Stephen's College Catholic School in Hong Kong. It was during this time that Yip Man met Leung Bik who was the son of Leung Jon. Yip Man challenged Leung Bik and was beaten. When Yip Man found out who Leung Bik was, Yip Man asked to become one of Leung Bik's students. Leung Bik, being a small man, did not use muscles. His style was not as hard as that of Chan Wah Shun. Yip Man was able to learn both the hard and soft elements and therfore complete mastery of the Wing Chun system.

After Yip Man's schooling in Hong Kong, he went back to China, his home town, worked as a an army recruit. He was later involved in several bouts with other martial artists. He fled the Communist government  in China and lost all his possessions. When he got to Hong Kong he only had his skills in Wing Chun with which to make a living.  This is where he accepted his first batch of disciples in Hong Kong on a professional basis. As time passed and his knack for teaching developed, Yip Man's skills continued to improve.

His 'closed door' student, Great Grandmaster Tsui Seung Tin, in turn became the teacher of Grandmaster Jim Fung, principal of Australia's International Wing Chun Academy. Grandmaster Fung can now trace his martial arts lineage back through eight generations of number one students to Ng Mei.

Grandmaster Yip Man shows his chi sau prowess






Grandmaster Yip Man and a young Bruce Lee practice lap sau









Grandmaster Yip Man practices Sil Lum Tao





Grandmaster Yip Man preparing for the reverse hook kick from the Chum Kiu form.







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