Wing Chun is a scientific , logical, and simple martial art which provides self-defence and fitness skills for people of all ages.

Wing Chun emphasises economy of movement, which eliminates the need for brute strength. All of its techniques are based on direct, practical, natural body movements which are easy to learn and can be applied immediately.

Wing Chun students develop skills in balance, speed and positioning through specific exercises (known as 'forms') to finetune movements and cultivate power, and in supervised combat which simulates real-life fighting situations. As in traditional boxing or street fighting, which the style closely represents, the focus is on protecting the body's centreline with short, sharp punches and kicks and following through with strikes to the opponent's vulnerable points.

There are no showy kicks, spins or splintering of blocks of wood. The style develops remarkable power through Wing Chun's determination force, or 'chi' and is evidenced by its famous one inch punch that Bruce Lee made famous.

Wing Chun's superior skills are within the reach of anybody regardless of age, sex, body type or muscle development. Additional benefits are stress control, discipline,improved concentration, confidence and overall well-being, making it an excellent form of insurance for a healthy life


It was founded in China 300 years ago by a female martial artist, Ng Mei, who developed the style after watching a fight between a rodent and stork. The name, Wing Chun, means 'everlasting springtime' and was taken from one of Ng Mei's top students, Yim Wing Chun, who used the art to successfully defend herself against an unwanted suitor.

During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Wing Chun, like other martial arts, was banned in China and survived only through the persistence of practitioners like Yip Man. Yip Man, who became the teacher of martial arts movie star Bruce Lee, and later took the art to Hong Kong.

His 'closed door' student, Great Grandmaster Tsui Seung Tin, in turn became the teacher of Grandmaster Jim Fung, principal of Australia's International Wing Chun Academy. Grandmaster Fung can now trace his martial arts lineage back through eight generations of number one students to Ng Mei.

GrandMaster Jim Fung is one of the world's few genuine Wing Chun masters with the skill and knowledge to take his students to master level. The protégé of respected Great Grandmaster Tsui Seung Tin, Yip Man's foremost disciple, he has trained continuously in Wing Chun for over 40 years. Grandmaster Fung's personal skill and achievement in helping to perpetuate Wing Chun in its authentic form were officially recognised by the Chinese Government through the Academy's inclusion in its All China Martial Arts Register published in November, 1998.

GrandMaster Jim Fung's International Wing Chun Academy, founded in Adelaide, South Australia, in 1973, is the largest martial arts school in Australasia and attracts students from around the world. Its membership includes prominent politicians, lawyers, doctors and top sportspeople. The Academy has also conducted specially tailored courses for the South Australian Police, correctional facilities such as Long Bay Gaol, government agencies such as the Departments of Immigration and Social Security and several private corporations. A distinctive feature of the International Wing Chun Academy's unique training system is that everything taught can be applied effectively in a real fight.

CHRIS HARVEY WING CHUN is proudly in association with the 

International Wing Chun Academy and teaches Grandmaster Jim Fung's Kung Fu system which will allow students learn to

  •  utilise their bodies efficiently to generate more power. This is achieved through a series of logical, comprehensive principles which focus on simplicity, directness, practicality, economy of movement and minimum use of brute strength. The quality of movements rather than quantity is stressed.
  • Maximising the use of body mass enables students from any style of training - be it martial arts or another sport - to enhance their ability to generate force and realise their full potential without resorting to brute strength. 
  • Wing Chun's use of leverage and redirection to overcome and neutralise oncoming strikes ensures that students need not fight an attacker's resistance, therefore eliminating the need for brute force.
  • Through the improvement of body structure, co-ordination of movements and mind-body control, the unique determination force or chi of Wing Chun can be achieved. Using chi, students are able to develop power equal to that of assailants twice their physical size and more.


Wing Chun is a scientific system of self defence and requires a thorough understanding of the art  before students can execute the movements properly and remember them long-term. The School's students are allocated to groups relevant to their level of ability and are encouraged to analyse and question the reason for movements, not just copy them.

The school's fitness exercises are safe and appropriate to every students' progress being designed by fitness experts. The purpose is to sharpen mental as well as physical skills - relaxation, concentration and mind control forming an integral part of the system. The school's genuine Wing Chun system guarantees to provide the most efficient method of self defence

Wing Chun's movements are natural and simple and is therefore an easy style to copy. However, without a sound foundation in the true principles of the art, even the keenest student could find himself in trouble in a real-life fighting situation. He would discover the techniques cannot work if they are used relying on brute force.

There can only be a correct or incorrect way of practising Wing Chun, and students who are serious about learning the art must ensure they choose a teacher with the right knowledge and training. Many people who have been trained incorrectly elsewhere use the wrong muscles when striking, apply the wrong force, often resorting to brute strength, and have developed bad habits. This makes it harder for them to start again using the correct system and in some cases, they start behind the beginners.

Grandmaster Fung says that 

"Unless you are trained correctly, you are missing out on the many incredible features of the Wing Chun system and robbing yourself of the best opportunity to learn to protect your safety and wellbeing." 

We at CHRIS HARVEY WING CHUN teach you the authentic and genuine art passed down by Grandmaster Jim Fung. from in turn his teacher Great Grandmaster Tsui Seung Tin

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