Tsui Sheung-Tin in Hong Kong

by Martin Anderson

It has been more than 17 years since I have been in Hong Kong but I will do my best to remember some of the training. First and foremost we did a hell of alot of chi sau with everybody from the most advanced students to just beginers. This could vary from just single hand chi sau to nearly a brawl. Tsui Sheung Tin was always involved in these practices and always helping students at all levels.

I would play with Sifu several times a day since I would practice as long as the school was open which was from about 3pm until 10pm. I some times got some training when the school was closed as Sifu let me live there once when I did not have much money to rent a room. He once showed me a more aggresive side to WC that was interesting to me as Sifu would normally concentrate on defense.

Tsui Sheung Tin is a very kind person and extremely generous with his knowledge. He is also alot of fun to play chi sau with because his force is great and his speed is blinding. His defense is close to being invinceable. Victor Kan once told that Mr. Tsui had the best defense in the Yip Man School while he was there. Victor Kan should know as agressive attacking is something he does well. The atmosphere at the school was one of a very relaxed nature.

I also got a lot of help from Mui Chung Chi (Joe Mui) who was one of Sifu's best students and a sifu on the Hong Kong side. Joe was very helpfull as he spoke perfect english and I do not speak chinese nor does Mr. Tsui speak english.

You might ask how I was able to learn from Sifu. Well I had to develop an ability to literally see force and to try to analize what was happening. Sifu once questioned me (through someone else, of course) about what I was seeing when I watched him and others play. I explained what I saw and he told me he could also see things this way but it took a long time to develop this skill and I could see this way from very early on.