The photo at left is taken from the book "Genealogy of the Ving Tsun Family" published by the Hong Kong Ving Tsun Athletic Association.


Sigung Tsui Seung Tin performing 
Siu Nim Tau
Great Grandmaster Tsui Seung Tin studied directly under famed Grandmaster Yip Man who is one of the primary promoters of the Ving Tsun style. During his practitioner years, grandmaster Tsui spent a great deal of his time studying the first form Siu Nim Tau. Due to his faithful training and grandmaster Ip's excellent guidance, Tsui is able to grasp the essence of Siu Nim Tau completely. He is nicknamed "Nim Tau Wong" (king of Siu Nim Tau) in the Ving Tsun world due to his superb skill level built from this foundation form.
A brief introduction to Wing Chun by Great Grandmaster Tsui Seung Tin .

The Hidden Power of Siu Nim Tau

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