Wing Chun is an Shaolin Kung Fu based on techniques originally developed at the famous Shaolin temple over four hundred years ago.  The martial system is thought to have been created as a quicker way of training advanced fighting skills in the Shaolin monk’s subsequent efforts to overthrow the Ch’ing government and restore the Ming emperor.

Wing Chun appears deceptively simple, its three hand forms cover the essential elements of attack and defense. There is a wooden dummy form and 2 weapons forms to help to perfect and refine your technique.

The first form is called Sil Lum Tao, which translates into “The Little Idea”. This form incorporates most of the theoretical basis for the art. 

The other empty hand forms; Chum Kui and Bil Gee, enhance and augment the concepts presented in the first form.

Luk Dim Boon Kwun is the simplest of the six forms but requires the most precise timing of all. The pole is 7’-2” long and tapered like a pool cue giving it a whip like action. 

Bart Cham Dao, the sword form, improves strength, flexibility, and footwork. Perhaps most importantly, the sword form teaches you to focus energy. The strength, speed, and flexibility gained in training with the pole and swords will benefit your open hand fighting.

The Wooden Dummy is designed so that almost all of the techniques can be practiced on it. The wooden dummy reinforces correct stance, arm positions, stepping and the direction of energy. The wooden dummy represents an opponent to train with, allowing you to practice even when you don’t have a partner.

Chi Sau, which literally means ‘sticking hands’, is the most important facet of Wing Chun training. Chi Sau gives a heightened sense of awareness, which greatly enhances your contact reflexes.

Wing Chun theory stresses  

  • a straight line is the shortest distance between two points, and 

  • if you control the centerline you optimize your defense and offense. Wing Chun relies on speed and finesse developed through training your bodies’ sensitivity and reflexes rather than having to resort to brute force. It is characterized by close quarters fighting strategies, lightening-fast hand techniques and effective low kicks. The blocks and strikes are targeted to have maximum effect. These qualities make it an ideal martial art for everyone regardless of size, strength, flexibility, age or musculature.

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