Jim Fung's first martial art was Tai Chi, but he changed to Wing Chun after witnessing a fight in which a classmate learning the art easily overpowered a school bully. He began his training under Tsui Seung Tin in 1960 and has been training continuously ever since.

As a teenager, he was sent to Australia to study and began training a small group of friends in his backyard. This led to the establishment of his first training centre, the International Wing Chun Academy, in Adelaide in 1973. A few years later, encouraged by growing enrolments and the necessity to expand, Grandmaster Fung relinquished his administrative position with the South Australian Government to work at Wing Chun full-time. He now operates Australia's largest martial arts concern with more than 20 branches in three states and franchises overseas.

Grandmaster Fung continues to train in Wing Chun and maintains his links with the Hong Kong Wing Chun Association, of which he was appointed a life director in 1975. He was conferred the title of Grandmaster (Si Gung) by Great Grandmaster (Si Tai Gung) Tsui in 1999.


Over the years, Grandmaster Fung has been the subject of countless media articles, television and radio programs. He is known as The Man With The One-Inch Punch, a technique in which his fist, placed just one inch from his target, can send a person reeling backwards three metres or more. The technique is powered by Wing Chun's 'determination force' (or chi) which is a method of drawing all available energy from the body to explode on a simple point at impact.

Grandmaster Fung is the author of two books, Wing Chun (published in 1981) and The Authentic Wing Chun Weapons (1984), the former now in its fourth printing, and in 1985 produced a teaching video, Wing Chun. The video was awarded five-star rating by leading American martial arts magazine, Inside Kung Fu.

In 1988, Grandmaster Fung was chosen as the sole representative of Australian kung fu to participate in the International Grandmasters Exhibition held in Adelaide during the South Australian bicentennial celebrations.

He has received many other accolades but says the best acknowledgement of all was having his Academy officially recognised by the Chinese Government and world ruling body for Chinese martial arts in the All Chinese Martial Arts Register published in 1998. The honour was shared with only two other martial arts schools from outside China.




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