Wing-Chun is based on the logic of a woman by addressing the limitations and weaknesses commonly associated with the gentler sex. Advanced Wing-Chun uses the body with the mind in the  most practical and powerful manner in a self-defence situation.

Many other martial arts rely on speed, brute muscular power  and the use of precise techniques to achieve their aim. Wing-Chun in comparison relies on timely executions of strategic placements of any part of the body, with the proper acceleration to generate the necessary resultant force. This process works on the body's geometry, using leverage, angular momentum, integrating the body mass to physically deliver the results required. Simple pivoting and weight-shifting can lead to an awesome expressions of driving power.

The hidden key to Wing-Chun is in its use of the Mind to visualise and project shapes as cutting edges in real self defence applications. The Mind is the most powerful and yet least used force in the body. Wing-Chun brings out more of its potential here leading to a much more devastating self defence system and in  turn allowing the practitioner to discover  new levels of self awareness and concentration beneficial to all areas of their life.

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